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Pilates Tips for Basket Weavers

Maurine Joy, former owner of Baskets Of Joy, now operates the MidCoast Pilates Studio right here in Brunswick, Maine. If you are planning a visit and would like more information about the Pilates Studio, please call 207-373-0872.

These are the exercises we use at Baskets Of Joy. We are fortunate that Maurine is a Certified Pilates Instructor, and often shares her tips with fellow Basketmakers. As with any course of exercise, you may wish to consult with your own doctor prior to using these exercises.
Sitting at your work table: Posture is everything . . .

When you are seated, bend your knees at right angles and keep your spine straight. Make sure you do not lean over the table. Keep your shoulders back and down, and your head and neck lined up with your spine. Be sure not to cross your knees. Your feet need to be flat on the floor with your knees directly over them. Keeping your stomach muscles ?tight? will help your posture: pretend you are making your belly button meet your spine.

Sitting for an extended period of time: Take a break . . .

Make sure you stand up and stretch at least once an hour. Raise your arms over your head and gently arch your back?you?ll feel relief in your lower back right away!

Weaving for a long stretch of time: Wrist Circles & Hand Stretches
Giving your wrists a good stretch will help them stay loose. Take a break every 20-30 minutes to do this.

Wrist Circles:
Wrist exercises

1. Sit up straight, feet flat on the floor and lined up with your knees.

2. Support your wrist with the other hand if needed, and point the hand downward.

3. Move your hand slowly clockwise; repeat in the opposite direction.

Hand Stretches:
Hand Stretching Exercises

1. Continuing from your wrist circles, keep your hand taut and straight.
2. Slowly and gently draw your fingertips down toward the inside of your arm as shown. Use your other hand to press them down.
3. Turn your hand in the opposite direction and draw the fingertips toward your forearm.

Common Weaver?s complaint: Neck & Shoulder Tension . . .

If you are like most weavers, you will occasionally feel tension in your neck and shoulders. One helpful technique is to shrug your shoulders up toward your ears, hold for a moment, then let go. Also try these neck exercises to help stretch your muscles and ease the tension.

Neck Stretches:
Neck Stretch

1. Sit up straight, feet flat on the floor and lined up with your knees.

2. Gently tip your head forward, letting your chin fall toward your chest. You will feel a stretch in the back of your neck

3. Beginning with facing forward, turn your head slowly from side to side. Be careful not to over stretch. Be sure that you are sitting up straight, with your stomach muscles strong.



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