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Hoppy Easter!

copyright 2009 by Baskets Of Joy

Bright dyed reed makes this the perfect Easter basket for every special boy or girl you know! Basket is 8x10 at base, 6" high plus handle.


8x12 D handle
Ceramic Bunny Buckle--available from Baskets Of Joy
3/4" flat reed for stakes
" flat dyed reed for weavers
#2 round reed for twining
" dyed reed for lashing, plus a piece for bunny attachment
1/2" or 5/8" flat oval reed for rim
seagrass or large round reed for rim filler
" flat reed for stakes

You will need:

Basketry shears
Measuring tape
Clothespins or clips
Ruler or straightedge (we recommend a bone awl)
Small tub (for soaking reed)

Read all instructions carefully before you begin to weave your basket. Remember, if you come to a place where you need additional help with weaving your basket, you can call us. Our experienced staff will be happy to assist you in any way we can; handles, stain and reed, as well as Kits, are all available from Baskets Of Joy. We hope you will enjoy weaving this basket!


  • Cut 6 stakes each 25" long and 5 stakes each 30" long.

  • Mark the center of each stake with a pencil on the rough side of the reed. Also mark the inside center of the bottom of the handle.

  • Soak stakes and a long piece of round reed in water until pliable (just a minute or so). Dyed reed will be briefly wet just before use-soaking too long may cause dye to bleed, so run through a paper towel to remove excess water



  • Place the handle vertically in front of you on the table. Lay one long stake horizontally over the handle, matching center marks.

  • Lay the next two long stakes about " or so away and parallel to the center stake, one on each side of the first, UNDER the handle.

  • Place the final two long stakes each OVER the handle so that all stakes alternate over and under the handle. Adjust stakes to spread evenly across the handle bottom. You may need to use a weight to hold stakes in place for a bit.

  • Weave in the first short stake, to the right of the handle bottom and parallel to it, in the over-under manner. Leave about " space between the stake and the handle.

  • Weave in the next short stake on the opposite side of the handle, again leaving space.

  • Weave in remaining stakes in the over-under manner with space between them. Adjust base to measure 8" x 10".

  • Twine around base with round reed one time. End inside basket and trim.

  • Upsett all stakes by bending gently upward. Rewet if needed to prevent cracking.

  • Weave one row with dyed reed in the over-under, start-stop manner. Make sure this row is woven OVER (to the outside of) the handle. Use plenty of clothespins to hold weavers to stakes in the first few rows, removing and replacing as needed, to create the upward shape of the basket (you won't need them after the first few rows). Overlap about 3 stakes and tuck behind a stake.

  • Weave a total of 10 rows with the dyed reed in the over-under, start-stop manner.

  • Weave one row with " or 3/8" reed (scrap will work fine). This is your rim row.


Finishing the Basket:
  • Cut and tuck all stakes.

  • Apply rim inside and out.

  • Place rim filler securely between rims to hide the cut and tucked stake ends.

  • Lash securely using dyed " reed (double lash if desired).

  • Using a scrap piece of dyed reed, cheat the bunny over the center of a long side of the basket. Tuck ends securely behind stakes.

This kit and more are available on our website at Weaving!!

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