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Category: BASKET KITS by Baskets Of Joy
Baskets Of Joy Basket Kits are designed and assembled in our Brunswick, Maine workshop. Reed color may vary by kit (see individual kit descriptions). Please remember that actual colors may vary from photo; dyed reed varies from batch to batch slightly. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Country At Heart Basket Kit

Great for Beginners

Country At Heart Basket Kit

# KIT-60  $24.95

We love this simplified version of one of our most popular baskets! This is a great basket to learn to use the wood base with a groove. We re-wrote it to be a quick and fun weave for EVERY level of basketmaker! Complete with wood base stenciled with a rooster, handle with coordinating fabric, dyed reed, pattern and all other weaving materials to make this basket. (Additional bases and handles are available.)

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Christmas Tree Door Basket Kit

Intermediate level

Christmas Tree Door Basket Kit

# KIT-63  $25.00

A quick basket to weave up, you'll then add dyed reed overlays and beads to create your Christmas tree. This basket is the perfect substitute for a door wreath, and is especially pretty with greens in it. Flat basket is no problem between doors, and can hang from the same hanger used for a wreath. Pattern and everything you need to weave this basket are included in kit. Some weaving experience is helpful.

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Sweet Nothings Valentine 2004 Kit

Intermediate level

Sweet Nothings Valentine 2004 Kit

# KIT-64  $24.00

This sweet little Valentine is just 3" x 5" at the base, and 5" tall plus the handle--who can resist! Order your kit today for fastest delivery. For all levels of basketmakers, kit includes: pine base, handle, hand-dyed reed in pink and wine for accent, and all weaving materials. Stencil sold seperate. Order any two Baskets Of Joy kits and receive a 10% discount. (you may mix and match kits)

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Mos Favorite
Mainely the Ocean Basket Kit

Perfect for the Novice!

Mainely the Ocean Basket Kit

# KIT-68  $14.00

This was our early summer featured pattern! This sweet basket uses a 2" round wood base, can spokes and pretty dyed reed, along with our favorite findings! Every kit is different, but includes beads, seaglass, baby seagrass, dyed reed, leather cord and wood base. You're sure to make more than one of these! Pattern is included.

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