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Jane Laferla, Laferla DeVonna, Mathis
Judy , Acton Jean Cadmus, May
Joy, Baskets Of Sharon, McElroy
Linda, Brack John, McGuire
Natalie, Brown Jody, Molfield
Ronda, Brugh Joan, Moore
Kathy, Bullard Lisa, Nortz
Jo Ellen, Burns Elena, Olivieri
Sue, Canafax Cathryn, Peters
Nancy, Carlson Joanne Wood, Peters
Mabel, Caverly Dyan Mai, Peterson
Sherian, Cody Barb, Rains
Wanda, Collier Bonnie, Roberson
Nancy, Donker Nellann, Roberts
Robin, Dougherty Donna, Rohkohl
Pati, English Joni Dee, Ross
Bob, Etchason Toni, Rynicke
Susan Reed, Fanfoni Lynne, Schlichting
Hope, Fuhs Lyn, Siler
Marilyn, Garside Patti, Simmons
Linda Boyle, Gibson Mary Beth, Skillings
Nancy, Gruber Betsey, Sloan
Margaret, Harness Maion Burr, Sober
Patti, Hawkins Dianne, Stanton
Chrystal, Higgins Sherry, Stephens
Flo, Hoppe Mary Smith, Stokes
Marolynne, Huber Billie Ruth, Suddath
Gail, Hutchinson Ginger Summit, Summit
Genie, Jackson Pat, Symanski
Grace, Kabel Kathy, Tessler
Susan, Kaufman Carol, Tunnicliffe
Sheila, King Sheri, VanDuyn
Julie, Kleinrath Susan, Vogel
Sharon, Klusmann Marilyn, Wald
Betty, Kourkounakis Lisa M, Ward
Annetta, Kraayeveld Vicki, Worrell
Rita, Laferriere Laura Lee, Zanger
Kathy, Libby Laura Lee, Zanger

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